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Everyone who thinks Erin should come in August and go to Canada with us when Frazzle comes out, leave a comment. Everyone who doesn’t, go to hell. If we collect 7 signatures or more, she has to come. Donations to help her get out here are also welcome.  Since only like 4 of you who aren’t Erin know read this, feel free to sign in with different psuedonyms and vote several times.

Oh! And Frazzle: It looks like my Dad might come to visit the first week in August, and we’ll be moving the last week in July, so maybe you could come mid-August? Could you do that? Let us know.

As long as we’re on the subject of visitors, the Countdown to Ashley is now at T minus 8 days. I am so stoked.


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  1. WOOOO!!! I’m already pressuring her. I pressured her tonight, in fact. The pictures are wonderful. Please Shirey? Please?

  2. There’s no way I can do anything in August. If I go anywhere anytime it’s July.

    Also, I put First of May on E’s, but you get Shop Vac:

    [audio src="" /]

  3. And, E, can I show Andrew the wedding pics?


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