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It occured to me on an hour-long bus ride today that if psychiatrists from another planet were to do a preliminary study of humans using a statistical sample consisting only of people riding on busses, their study would conclude that about 35% of the species needs to be placed on anti-psychotics…and permanently barred from using public transport.

Then again, paranoid skizophrenia may be the mental normative for space aliens from that particular planet, in which case their study would conclude that 65% of the population is suspiciously pleasant and mannerly. Please find another group for your statistical sampling if that is the case, space aliens. The last thing I need is one more crazy mofo on my bus.

To conclude: Fuck saving the global ecosystem; somebody bring me a car.


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  1. YaHA! I have already taken care of it, dearest Andrew. Eggplant! A Honda! We shall call him Ponda…I know what you mean about the buses man, shit. All those wackos SO aren’t using public transport for its appropriate purposes. I swear to god at least half of them are just joyriding to meet people. Try riding with an angry cat in a mesh backpack from Portland to Gresham sometimes. Ride all the way to the end of the line. You cannot imagine all the fascinating people who will plop down next to you and strike up a friendly conversation…with the cat…while repeatedly pressing their faces into the angry-furry-mesh that resides quite uncomfortably IN YOUR LAP. That’s called a good time, P-town style.

  2. Also…W’s sis wants to see my blog. Apparently SOME OF YOU BITCHES has been talkin’ shit.

    PS: What should I do? How much do I need to edit here? Do I really want that much exposure?

    Goddamnit. I will totally have to switch blogs if that happened. Perhaps this one has run it’s course. Help, please.

  3. Whoooaaaa…sleeping ill kickin in. G’night, yo.

    OOoo before I forgets, Ashley good luck at the doctors!! Call me tomorrow, iz my day off.

  4. Damn, I need to take public transportation, if only for the experience. Um, I miss you. I don’t want the-guy-I’m-seeing-who-I-want-to-be-my-boyfriend to break up with me, but I’m afraid that might be on the horizon. We haven’t seen each other in a week, and I’d had no word from him until today when I texted him. Granted, he’s been very busy…I just don’t know. Find me a ticket SOON so I can buy and fly out there for two weeks after GHP or the rest of my life or can I move in?


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